We Know the United Kingdom & Ireland

Whether you’re planning your first trip (or fifteenth) to any of the British Isles, your desire is Across the Pond Vacations’ number one focus. Our knowledge, experience and access enable us to plan the vacation of a lifetime, just for you.

So what is “the vacation of a lifetime”?  It’s whatever YOU want it to be. 

We custom plan every itinerary for every client, tailoring the hotels, attractions, and transportation to exceed your expectations. With 25 years of experience in UK and Ireland travel, we combine what you want with what we know to give you the best of what the region has to offer.

And the best part… you relax while we do all of the planning.

Prior to your trip you’ll receive a binder from us which contains your day-by-day itinerary and all vouchers, tickets, confirmation pages, etc. that you will need for your trip. Welcome to a seamless and carefree vacation…courtesy of Across the Pond Vacations.

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Anne Marie Clark of ATP Vacations

Anne Marie Clarke

Born and raised in Southern California, Anne Marie was lucky enough to enjoy the finer side of travel from her youth. Her father worked as a Financial Director for a major airline, which meant the family was often treated to luxury travel experiences. By the time she’d reached high school, she’d had the opportunity to visit a number of different countries including Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, and of course, Great Britain. Domestic travel included a number of different states, including her favorite, Hawai’i! It was in these formative years when Anne Marie was bitten by the “Anglophile” bug. She fell in love with all things British and Irish. (In her 30’s, she fell in love with something else that’s British – her husband!) Since that time, Anne Marie has worked in the travel industry in a number of different roles including Travel Agent, Hotel Sales and Catering Manager, Captain’s Secretary on a luxury cruise ship, and as an Event Planner, organizing conferences across the country. She has traveled to the U.K. and Ireland multiple times and has loved every moment as CEO and Co-Owner of Across the Pond Vacations since 2008. When she’s not busy custom-designing amazing luxury vacations, Anne Marie enjoys spending time working with a local animal rescue, walking at the beach, reading, sailing, spending time with family and friends, and of course, traveling. Anne Marie lives in Southern California with her husband and their 3 four-legged “kids.”

Simon Clarke, Owner of ATP Vacations

Simon Clarke

A native Englishman, Simon was born in Nottinghamshire, the home county of Robin Hood. (And like Robin Hood, Simon was a keen archer in his youth.) But his real passion has always been for hiking and traveling, having been to Germany, France, Portugal, Kenya, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and Holland. Simon worked as a Walking/Hiking guide in Great Britain, he has seen the country thoroughly and up close, from its northernmost tip in Scotland, to the most easterly area in Suffolk, to the furthest point south west in Cornwall. He has also extensively explored Ireland and Wales, which he also loves. In 2004, Simon emigrated to the United States, where he and his wife co-founded Across the Pond Vacations in 2008. Simon enjoys a good pint of British ale with his mates, loves Indian food, Cross Fit, and is a Manchester United supporter. He also serves as the lead volunteer for an organization aiding the local homeless population. He still hikes but hasn’t quite acclimated to the hot Southern California climate in comparison to Britain. Simon has a great interest in the history of Rock music. A master at trivia, he’s often teased by family and friends as the guy who knows a little bit about almost everything.

Jill Glossinger

Jill Glossinger

A native of Michigan, Jill has lived with her husband and two sons on the other side of the world (in China) and across the country, moving homes 6 times in the last 8 years. Her love of travel has driven her to visit over 40 states and almost 20 countries. (And since most of the travelling has been by air, she has come to measure a flight’s length by the number of movies she can watch during it.) She welcomes a good luggage packing challenge, be it in a couple of suitcases for the plane or the trunk of a car for a weekend getaway – being a master organizer, she will make it all fit! Jill enjoys working on the fine details of a project and takes great pleasure in producing incredibly thorough information for Across the Pond’s clients, bringing together the hard work of the team into one fantastic document that clients take with them on their journeys. In her spare time, Jill chauffeurs her boys around town, enjoys doing home improvement projects, and manages her interior design and decorating business with her Bichon Frisé always by her side.

Christie Albrecht

Christy Albrecht

Originally from Wisconsin, Christy, an Anglophile, is excited to now work in the tourism industry having recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Known around our offices as The Master of Organization, Christy’s attention to detail, her (quirky) love of spreadsheets, and ability to manage tasks both large and small are the perfect combination to work alongside the Across the Pond Vacations team! She is constantly striving for the utmost in efficiency and improvement. When she’s not keeping the Across the Pond Staff on their toes, she loves to spend time watching British television and movies, writing novels and essays in numerous genres, and ballroom dancing. Christy and her husband moved to California in June of 2019.

A Handful of Our Local Guides

Across the Pond Vacations understand the importance of an experienced, talented, local guide. Whether you are in the company of a local private guide or private driver/guide for a half-day, full day, or multiple days, having the right individual to lead you is absolutely vital. Our guides are fully accredited, insured, and at the top of their field. Many of have won both national and local awards for their touring talents. All guides are thoroughly vetted and have received the highest ratings. Across the Pond Vacations has had the pleasure of working with this elite collection of experts for years. Not only is their touring knowledge truly outstanding, but you’ll also find that spending time with them is a joy. Learn more about just a few of our specially selected colleagues who love showing off their part of the world.


Fiona has been a qualified Blue Badge Guide for almost 20 years. Her passion and vast knowledge of Scotland combine to create wonderful touring experiences for to each and every traveler she guides. Whether exploring remote landscapes and ancient castles or hiking along the cliffs in search of whales and dolphins, Fiona’s tours are expertly tailored to the interests of her guests. And, if one of those interests is whisky, all the better! Fiona is also an official “Malt Whisky Ambassador” and can help you see (and taste) the best of the Scotch whisky producing areas.

“Our guide’s knowledge of Scottish history was incredible. She took us to see castles, a distillery, a sheepdog demo, and Hadrian’s Wall.”


Journalist, history-buff, and Blue Badge Guide, Erica is a talented and enthusiastic London native who loves to share her fascinating city with our guests. Well-rounded and bursting with knowledge, Erica gives personalized tours ranging from the secret history of the Tower of London to the most amazing highlights of the British Museum.

“Her personality was perfect for us and she was a lot of fun to spend a few hours with.” 

“London was so much more memorable with a guide who took us through Westminster Abbey and the British Museum, both places we’d been to before, but saw through an entirely new lens with Erica.”


Garvan is a passionate historian, thespian and linguist who has been delighting visitors to Dublin for over ten years. Full of knowledge from both personal study and a degree in Medieval Irish & Celtic Studies, Garvan loves to share his understanding of Irish history and culture. He imparts a genuine feel for Ireland, a lasting admiration and love for his country, and he brightens each client’s day with his Celtic hospitality and charm.

“We had a fabulous time with our tour guide in Dublin!  Garvan is truly passionate about Dublin, and everything it has to offer. What a pleasure spending time with him!”


Gerard is a former member of An Garda Síochána (the Irish Policy Force). Over a decade ago, he decided that it was time for a different kind of badge: certification as an official Irish Tourist Board approved Guide. Eager to share his passion for the culture, deep history, folklore and raw beauty of Ireland, Gerard is well-loved for his personalized tours of the beautiful country of Ireland.

“Having a private tour guide in Ireland was a smart choice. He was able to take us places that tour buses would not have been able to access. Having been born and raised in Ireland, he was full of knowledge about the area.”


Donna is a Blue Badge Guide who loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for Southern England with our clients. A history and English literature afficionado, Donna regularly guides clients through many of London’s celebrated landmarks, as well as top sites outside the city, like Windsor Castle, the Jane Austen historic sights, the Cotswolds, and more! Donna excels at individualizing her tours to ensure the interest and enjoyment of each and every guest.

“Our tour was phenomenal. Not only was she knowledgeable about every site that we visited, but also so friendly and nice that her company each day truly added to our experience.”


David, a Blue Badge Guide, has been guiding through beautiful Yorkshire for quite some time. With a Masters Degree in History and 30 years of teaching under his belt, David’s breadth of knowledge and expertise in Yorkshire is unparalleled. Combining his humor, knowledge and passion for this very special area of Northern England, David is among the best of the best and looks forward to showing you both the City of York, and its namesake county of Yorkshire.

“Not only was I unaware of what a fantastic city York is, having David show us around truly brought history to life! I recommend investing an afternoon or more with such a knowledgeable individual – there’s no better way to see this area.”


Jackie, a Blue Badge Guide, has been a tour guide in the City Of Liverpool since 1995. Her private tours are the “real deal” for Beatles Fans travelling Across the Universe to see her fabulous City. She is one of only a few officially certified Beatleguides and was the first to establish herself as a Beatleguide doing private tours. She has won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence every year since 2011, which subsequently earned her a place in the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. More recently, Jackie was awarded the “Bespoke Tour Operator of the Year” and “Tour Guide of the Year” categories at the Luxury Travel Awards. Enjoy a “Ticket to Ride” with Jackie, exploring “Here, There, and Everywhere.”

“We all really enjoyed our visit with the Beatles guide in Liverpool. We give her 5 stars as one of our most amazing guides! We had a blast on her tour singing old Beatle songs and reminiscing “all things Beatles!” Her tour made our trip to Liverpool a very memorable one indeed!”