My husband and I are not worldwide travelers, but I had always wanted to travel through England and Scotland.  We were concerned about making plans our own, but we knew we didn’t want to travel by coach with large groups of people.

After consulting with numerous tour operators and travel agencies, we began to feel frustrated with suggested itineraries that were not in our plans.  We were at the point of postponing our trip another year, when I found Across the Pond Vacations.

After speaking with Anne Marie Clarke, I felt that she listened to what I was requesting and assisted us in planning a customized itinerary that included visiting all of the geographical areas we desired and attractions and activities we longed to see, all at a pace that was comfortable for travelers of our age.

It was the little things that Anne Marie planned that made working with her so enjoyable; such as an unexpected complimentary upgrade of our hotel room in Edinburgh, or suggestions of special “off the beaten path” adventures.  We looked forward to receiving her emails and phone calls during the planning stages because of her “little surprises” she would  add to the itinerary.

Anne Marie was able to include so much more in a 2½ week trip than we could have ever imagined with the skill and knowledge that made our trip such a success!  I look forward to our next adventure with Across the Pond Vacations and working with Anne Marie who has become more than a tour operator; she has become a friend.

~ Eileen and Harold F., Baton Rouge, LA

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