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This is just a sample of the wonderful things that our clients had to say about us. We could go on, but we figure that by now, you probably understand just how much we love what we do!

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For our 25th anniversary, we called upon Anne Marie, who went to work planning the most magical vacation, truly fitting a happy 25th. She took care of everything. We stayed in Castles, Manor Houses and even a Bed & Breakfast! We had such a wonderful time that after only a few brief weeks back home, we gave her another call. London was our choice! Anne Marie went straight to work and soon we had a second trip to the UK planned. "Swinging London" was our custom planned tour name - seven glorious nights where every detail was covered. With Oyster Card in hand (travel card for train, bus and The Tube) and the London Pass, we headed out into one of the world's most vibrant cities! From the Tower of London to a cruise down the Thames, The British Museum and Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace, we ate at pubs, walked through acres of beautiful parks, and even had a "cuppa" in the gardens of Buckingham Palace! What a trip! We could not have asked for a more "everything was cared for" vacation. Big thanks to Anne Marie and Across the Pond Vacations for making us feel so special and planning, yet again, a wonderful vacation. We are already planning trip number three - Ireland!  Are you ready, Anne Marie?

~ Aurora and Paul M., Tecumseh, MI 

A lifetime of memories for father and son. Across the Pond Vacations fed into my "obsessive planner" disorder wonderfully, and took away any trepidation I had about traveling in a foreign country with my 15-year old son. Across the Pond does a remarkable job of listening to your interests and recommending activities to suit. Though she was an ocean away, I had the comfort of knowing that Anne Marie at Across the Pond was only a phone call away, had we needed anything for our trip. 

~ Brad B., Oconomowoc, WI

We are back from an early 40th anniversary trip to England, Scotland and Ireland. A big thank you to Across the Pond Vacations and Anne Marie for making our trip such an amazing one! From the minute we landed in London until 16 days later when we took off from Ireland, our trip was one we will always cherish! Everything Across the Pond planned (along with some "wishes" from us) was right on! There wasn't a single detail overlooked. All the hotels, B&B's, planned tours, and suggestions for our "days off" were filled with sights that will never be forgotten. We are so lucky to have found Across the Pond! We will definitely recommend them to friends and family without any hesitation at all. And when we're ready for another UK trip... we'll be calling. Thank you so much!

~ Judy and Joe K., Piscataway, NJ

This was one of the best vacations our family has ever had! Your assistance with this trip saved so much time from our busy schedule. Your knowledge of so many things to do laid out a superb framework for the trip!! Response to emails and accessibility of assistance was excellent and appreciated! We would certainly recommend Across the Pond Vacations to family and friends for their England, Ireland and Scotland travel!

~ Gordie B., Bellaire, TX

You did a great job planning and organizing our England trip! You made excellent suggestions and were extremely response to questions. It all came together seamlessly, and we really enjoyed working with you again.

~ Amy R. and Susan S., Ithaca, NY

I would highly recommend Across the Pond Vacations. They totally nailed the Literary tour of the UK and Ireland that I sought, even making recommendations of things I hadn't thought of doing or seeing, which made the whole trip great! Working with them was the number one best decision I made when I thought about putting this trip together. With their expertise, I received so much more out of this trip than I ever dreamed of. Also, the ease of having hotels and tours pre-booked without my having to make a single call from the U.S. made working with Across the Pond Vacations absolutely worthwhile! Everything for me was so easy and enjoyable. Across the Pond Vacations made my dream trip come true!

~ Autumn S., Seattle, WA

We are so thankful to you for putting this incredible trip together. In fact, we gave many other U.S. travelers your contact information during our trip! This was Rob's first trip to England, and it was amazing! As fans of Tudor history and hauntings, you were able to find for us thing we'd never even heard of, and thoroughly enjoyed it all; from a stay at a real Tudor Castle-turned-5-star hotel, to visiting Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, and so much more! Our private ghost tour with Richard Jones was especially interesting. The final itinerary binder was so detailed and well-organized. Having things like prepaid attraction tickets, Oyster cards, airport transfers, etc. took all the stress out of vacationing. Your response to emails was fast and efficient. In short, your service is superior! You are the best!!!

~ Rob G. and Tom W., Bowie, MD

Nick and I had a fantastic time, and we just love Across the Pond Vacations! The staff is super friendly and so helpful with working with us to get the vacation exactly as we wanted, and within the price range we were looking to pay. I so appreciated their patience with my many questions. We'd love to go back to Ireland - there's so much to see. We've already recommended Across the Pond to family members and friends. And we will certainly use your services again. Thank you!

~ Sarah and Nick M., Beeton, ON

My husband and I are not worldwide travelers, but I had always wanted to travel through England and Scotland.  We were concerned about making plans our own, but we knew we didn’t want to travel by coach with large groups of people. After consulting with numerous tour operators and travel agencies, we began to feel frustrated with suggested itineraries that were not in our plans.  We were at the point of postponing our trip another year, when I found Across the Pond Vacations. After speaking with Anne Marie Clarke, I felt that she listened to what I was requesting and assisted us in planning a customized itinerary that included visiting all of the geographical areas we desired and attractions and activities we longed to see, all at a pace that was comfortable for travelers of our age.  It was the little things that Anne Marie planned that made working with her so enjoyable; such as an unexpected complimentary upgrade of our hotel room in Edinburgh, or suggestions of special “off the beaten path” adventures.  We looked forward to receiving her emails and phone calls during the planning stages because of her “little surprises” she would  add to the itinerary.   Anne Marie was able to include so much more in a 2½ week trip than we could have ever imagined with the skill and knowledge that made our trip such a success!  I look forward to our next adventure with Across the Pond Vacations and working with Anne Marie who has become more than a tour operator; she has become a friend.

~ Eileen and Harold F., Baton Rouge, LA

We had another great trip! This is our second trip with Across the Pond Vacations and we're looking forward to a third. The hotels and day tours were great and the overall tour was very well-priced and ran smoothly. (The upgrade to 1st class on one of the train trips was a nice touch.) Everything was well-balanced Thank you!

~ Gordie B. and Family, Bellaire, TX

Just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made. Everything was wonderful from start to finish. We are so grateful for all your help with the bookings. The locations you chose were so geographically perfect. We could drive or walk to any town, castle, ruin, or pub of our choosing. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many wonderful breakfasts and dinners. This trip was full of one wonder after another. We saw, literally, thousands of lambs, seals, dolphins, red deer, golden eagles, pheasants, and many species of bird. Every isle, farm, sea cliff, and country road was a fairy tale picture. We will definitely choose Across the Pond Vacations again and will continue to recommend your services to our friends and family. Thank you again for everything. Your hard work made our vacation memorable.

~ Warren and Andrew S., Bryson City, NC

Thank you for putting our trip together. (As you can see) Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason was very enjoyable and one of many great experiences! We have MANY fond memories from this trip and look forward to booking with you in the future!

~ Kristina and Claire F., Roseville, CA

For our first time in Scotland (second time booking through Across the Pond Vacations as our tour operator), Across the Pond took us to the highlights in Edinburgh and ensured that we covered all of the best places, including the hotel! Having the trip organized by Across the Pond Vacations made it so easy to travel from Scotland through England and not worry about train tickets, our concert tickets (to see Cliff Richard at Hampton Court Palace), or attraction tickets. It was a vacation to cherish!

~ Rob G. and Tom W., Bowie, MD

This was our second trip with Across the Pond Vacations. Across the Pond, and especially Anne Marie, took care of every detail from arrival to departure. The London Pass is an extraordinary bargain and we took full advantage of it. the three escorted group day tours booked for us were very professional with friendly guides. The private tour to Highclere Castle (a.k.a. 'Downton Abbey' was worth every penny. In short, we had a FABULOUS time!

~ Jody and Joe D., Schaumburg, IL

This trip was everything we imagined, and more! Everything was a highlight! It was so reassuring, before the trip, that everything was planned and arranged in advance. We were pleasantly surprised at every turn. Everything went smoothly and we had no need to change anything on the itinerary. The trip covered so many great locations, yet still allowed us to seek our own adventures along the way. Thank you again for the extras and your suggestion to go to the Lake District. We loved hiking along the Lakes and the beauty of the countryside. We are happy to recommend Across the Pond Vacations to our family and friends.

~ James S. and Denise C., Madison, WI

Our trip was outstanding! The itinerary and arrangements prepared by Across the Pond Vacations were fantastic - great locations, fun activities, and spot-on recommendations. Anne Marie did a terrific job of understanding what we liked and custom-tailored a trip that exceeded our expectations!

~ Tim and Leslie B., Ashburn, VA

Across the Pond Vacations did an outstanding job of designing the trip, combining our input and their suggestions. There were no glitches in anything that was pre-scheduled. (In some cases, we just mentioned our name and thanks to Across the Pond Vacations, they already knew who we were.) Well done!

~ Fred and Linda M., Ashland, OH

This was a pre-cruise trip for us. Everything went exceedingly well! All the B&B's, hotels, car rental, train travel, etc. went smoothly and everything was very nice. were very nice. If we ever return to the British Isles, we would certainly use Across the Pond Vacations again and recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for making this trip run so seemlessly.

~ Melvin and Jan, Y., Dayton, OH

Across the Pond Vacations was great, from start to finish! I applaud Anne Marie for squeezing in all of my requests (and there were a lot!). We had an amazing time. Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason's in London was wonderful. Our Falconry Experience at Dalhousie Castle was so much fun! and, we fell in love with the English countryside. (In fact, at one point, we had to stop our car... to let sheep cross the road!! So cool!)  We could never have planned this dream trip without Across the Pond Vacations and we cannot wait to make it "Across the Pond" again!

~ Crystal W., Mark G., and David G., Foothill Ranch, CA 

We just love our clients. And based on their feedback, they love us, too!

When we design a tour for you, we come to learn about your likes, your interests, and more about you as a person.
It is in the development of this relationship that we are able to customize your tour and provide you with the vacation of a lifetime!

Many of our clients have come back to us time and again. And, we are honored to say that a good number of our clients have become friends.

The testimonials, below, are representative of 99% of our feedback from all of our clients. We take pride in that and

we hope it gives you confidence that when you work with Across the Pond Vacations, you work with a company that truly cares.